SEO Keyword Research

We carry comprehensive keyword research to identify the most effective keywords and phrases that your target customers are searching so as to outdo the competitors. Our keyword research offers a great return on investment since it identifies the keywords that boost online sales and profits. Cromwell Technology INC (CTI) experts offer SEO consultancy to assist businesses to identify the best strategies to get their websites to the top of Google ranking.

Mobile (Adaptive / Responsive)

More people browse and do their shopping research through Mobile devices than through Desktop and Laptops. You need MLM Software that is ready for those Mobile devices.

Maintaining the business logic

We implement a captivating user interface while maintaining the business logic and the objectives of the organization without affecting the experience of the users.

Intuitive User Experience

We at CTI develop websites with the user in mind. We ensure the user has a great experience on the site through functional design, structured information presentation, and navigation, proper use of color enhanced graphics and text for branding and proper call to actions as well as engaging and captivating overall look and feel.

Cloud-Based Technology

Cromwell Technology INC (CTI) is built on a global "Cloud" infrastructure, not stored on some server in our office, so you never need to worry about localized disasters interrupting your services or access.

3rd Party Developer API's

With an extensive library of developer API’s (Application Programming Interfaces), if you work with 3rd Party software, there’s a good chance it will integrate with Cromwell Technology INC (CTI).

Customizable Web Design

Your website is an extension of your brand. With Cromwell Technology INC (CTI) you have endless customization options, whether using our pre-built designs & built-in editors or a custom design.

Real-Time Genealogies

Give your Distributors all the information they need and a clear view of their up and down lines with Real-Time genealogy displays.

Replicated Distributor Sites

Provide your distributors with replicated websites with details that give them the credit they deserve for bringing sales to the organization; including their photo, contact details and more.

Commissions / Bonus Calculations

Forget manual commission or bonus calculations. Cromwell Technology INC (CTI) calculates all of your organization’s commissions and bonuses with little to effort from you and your team.

Shopping Cart(s) and AutoShip

Cromwell Technology INC (CTI) offers multiple different shopping cart styles and recurring AutoShip functionality to ensure the best fit with your company goals and objectives

To become a leading global IT solutions provider with an emphasis on quality, professionalism, reliability, and service.